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22 Reviews from Fans of Problem Solved Computer Repair.

Low cost, great advice. Invested in the customer. by

Happy in Morgan
Had a laptop with a bad power adapter. Called these guys and the adapter was replaced at low cost. I had written off this laptop a while ago. Not only did they make it work but made it like new. I will use these guys for all future IT repair including my Apple stuff. Simply amazing



Awesome and fast. Great deal. by

I am from seattle and needed my pc repaired while visiting my folks. Found these guys. Not only did they fix my issue but had parts ready to go for the parts that were failing. Excellent service. Make sure to make an appointment.

amazingly fast service and Great PC’s by

called another computer service and they wanted to charge outrageous prices for repairing my hp. I knew the motherboard was bad and had a few more issues. So I went to problem solved and I really appreciated their honesty and willingness to support me and my needs. I ended up asking them to build me one of their computers. I must say it is outstanding and fast.

Custom Built PC Bliss by

Contacted Problem Solved on building me a new computer. I knew they repaired computers but they build them too. What I got was an amazing machine that ran super quick and didn’t come close to the thousands I was expecting. I was given many options and I chose something very upgradeable and that makes me happy. Thank you.

Multiple Large Projects done to perfection by

Found Problem Solved on Called them up for a project my small business needed done. They came out and did an evaluation. Sent me a bid and we went with them. The cost was in budget and the service was great. Also gave me great tips on cleaning up another office we had with machines that needed virus’s removed. We will continue with Problem Solved into the foreseeable future.

Great Communication and Excellent Service by

Purchased a HP about 6 months ago and it had a power surge just recently. Contacted some good geek friends of mine to troubleshoot the issue. after a few days they came back baffled to the issue. I was on the phone with HP to see if they would fix it under warranty. While I was on the phone waiting for support to answer my questions. I found a few companies on dex and called a couple of them and problem solved answered the phone. We agreed to a free diagnostic. It only took the tech an overnight look to find the root cause. He promptly called let me know of my options. Options? really. That was a shock to me. He advised me to cost and fixes available. I choose his recommended solution and it was repaired and back to new in less than a week. I am extremely happy with the service and the great deal of attention to my problem. The Problem was Solved. Thanks.

Amazing service and Support. by

Called Problem Solved a few weeks ago to see if they could resolve a issue I had with another repair shop. They told me they would diagnose the issue and let me know the next day on what their thoughts were at no cost to me.
I was impressed by their willingness and customer service. Once I got the computer to them they looked it over and suggested things to repair the issues. They gave me options I didn’t think I had. They also informed me on possibilities in the future. What a great company. Thanks again for your speedy work and honesty.


Small Business Troubles by

As a small business owner I cant afford to have any great IT staff. However I contacted Problem Solved and their rates were amazing and the tech was very respectful and did as I asked. He went above and beyond my expectations. I will continue to use Problem Solved for all my computer needs.

Needed a good PC by

Bill Wright
I contacted Problem Solved concerning purchasing a new computer. Mostly to price check and a 2nd opinion. Gave them the specs and they gave me what they would do. I ended up purchasing a great new PC from a larger store. However I was impressed with the honesty about the purchase. It seemed they just wanted to make sure I got the right computer for me and my budget. Your Awesome.

Took the time to get it right. by

Andrea in Syracuse
My husband and I had a laptop that wouldn’t boot up never the less power on. We called problem solved and had them run a free diagnostic. They filled us in on the issues and told us the options before we took any more steps. They recommended replacing some of the components. The laptop parts were difficult to find. We did find them and the laptop was fixed.

Professional and Friendly by


Recently called Problem Solved for an at home consultation. Mike the tech came over and was promptly on time. He addressed my issues and left with all issues repaired as requested. He was friendly and made sure and my questions were answered. He gave me Ideas on how I could upgrade my network as well as my older without pressure to purchase anything.

Great company will be using them again for any issue I have.


Fast Friendly and not expensive. by

Took our computer in after I attempted to power it on. Needless to say it was frustrating. So I called Problem Solved and Mike the Tech said he knew exactly what the issue was. He even showed me tests on my hardware he had done. He replaced the parts and the computer has never run better.

Took it in for a supposed virus issue by

Took in my laptop to have the virus removed. It scared me. I called problem solved. They took a good look at it. Called me and let me know my laptop was clean. I went to pick it up and it was no charge because there was no virus’s. However when I got it home the laptop ran sooo much faster than it had before I sent it in. Great work!!!

Excellent Work by


I was so frustrated with the way my computer was working. The internet slowed down the machine seemed to lock up and freeze. I took it to another shop and they told me it was fixed. A week later same problems.

I really figured all computer technicians didn’t care about my problem all they wanted to do was sell me more hardware and get me out the door.
I called problem solved and decided that the fee wasn’t too bad of a venture to see if they could fix my issue. I was also in a rush. The technician mike told me he would make sure it worked right.
Not more than 72 hours later. He called and let me know the issues and that he had resolved them.
Sceptical I went and picked it up and the machine actually ran faster and haven’t had an issue. Have had it now issue free for 4 months.
Thanks. again.

Worked quickly to get me back to work by

I had a big emergency and P.S. quickly fixed my computer. Thanks for the hard work.

Awesome people to work with by

We have taken our laptop to Computer Solved a few times, and each time they were just great to work with. They are honest, friendly, and courteous. They called frequently to give updates. They charge a flat rate, rather than by the hour. We’ve had a cranky laptop, and CS has always taken it back and worked on it without charge when the problem wasn’t solved the first time. They are honest and reliable people. I would recommend them to anyone.

Took the time to help by

Patty Call

I am a struggling mother of 3. I contacted problem solved and they worked with me on my windows 98 computer. Got me upgraded to windows xp and installed a free antivirus. Because they took good care of my previous issue I took them my other laptop and had them clean it up from a nasty virus infection. These guys are great and friendly.



Do not recommend by



I had them remove a virus from my pc. They could not remove the virus so they reloaded the pc. They said they would back up all my data and I would not lose anything. I finally got my pc back and all my business contacts and emails were gone. I had the Antivirus 2010 virus. I called around and asked other pc repair shops if they would need to relaod my pc to remove the virus. They all said no its a easy virus to remove if you know what you are doing.

Excellent Service. by

Tammy Smithson
Very Personable. Laptop was repaired in hours not days and mike the tech was happy to answer any and all my questions. A+++

 Fast and Honest by

Matt Allen
Surprised how fast this company was able to repair my computer. Virus’s and all.

Excellent Service by

Karen Stuart
I had my Computer Reformatted. PSCR only charged me $75.00 flat fee and didnt charge me by the hour. They backed up all my data, reformatted and reinstalled my operating system. They also put all my information that was backed up back exactly where it was before. They also put on antivirus for free. All of this would have cost me $200.00+ at all the other repair shops I called. I also received a 30 day guarantee on all issues that were repaired and serviced. Great Company to work with.