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The wild west was one of the most interesting frontiers that our crazy forefathers decided to conquer. Those who pursued wealth fame or the all mighty easy dollar where either successful and overcome by other evils or broke and tried to make a life in a desert (semi-arid) landscape west of the Rockies.

Now a days we have the frontier of our intellect (could be argued.) or the internet. We have special tools that allow us to copy and paste and to download *FREE* stuff (video, Music, Software, Virus’s). There’s Gold in them there internets! While its true you can download to your hearts content *FREE* stuff; beware its not all free and or Gold. Some might call it fools gold. Kind of reminds me of the old adage “you get what you pay for.”. Truth is most the free stuff you can consume (download) has got some code that will make your Windows, Apple OSX and Linux Operating systems crash and burn. Possibly incurring data loss that you cannot afford to lose. Yes I said Apple and Linux too. No one gets a free ride.

Some of the more well known ways of getting your *FREE* stuff is P2P types of programs:


Lime Wire: Has been the king of the P2P networks most recently. Funny enough it offers a paid for version to make you think the content you download is not illegal. Of course the paid for version does also unlock more bandwidth and more open connections. Interestingly enough some of the open source community came out with a better app that allows for the paid version tools called Frost Wire. 


Kazaa: Was the king of P2P sharing and still is around but the service has been under serious watch by the MPAA and RIAA.



WinMX WinMX: Now defunct. Was the Largest P2P up until 2005 and then was shutdown. Most likely due to pressure or lawsuits from various copyright owners.


BitTorrent:The New Sheriff in town. However harder to understand by most non-geek types. Very much harder to track but very open and determines how many others have the same file.

Usenet: A very old distribution network. Open mostly for discussions and trading ideas became a haven for file sharing and virus sharing.

IRC Chat: Another very old distribution network. Rumored to be the networks in which when your computer is infected with a virus. The virus (usually trojan horse) gets instructions from this network.

Truth be told all of these networks spread a ton of virus’s. Please make sure you are very careful when using these networks. They will bite.


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