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Over the past few years having supported and installed and troubleshooting Windows Vista as well as Windows 7 I have found my share of corrupt Hibernation settings.

The file that is created for hibernation to exist is “Hiberfil.sys” This file can be corrupted so easily by many different viruses as well as rootkits. I disable it by default. Besides Hiberfil.sys is typically 4+ gigs of data storage that can be reclaimed.

How to disable Hibernation:

To do this you will need administrator permission to change the setting.

I recommend an easy way is to create a new shortcut on your desktop.

1. Right click on Desktop

2. Choose New –> shortcut

3. In the text box type “CMD” click next through the wizard

4.Now you have a shortcut. Right click on the new cmd shortcut and scroll to run as administrator

5.Now you have a Administrator Command prompt

6. Type: “powercfg /h off” (without quotes of course)

7. if it works you will get a new line waiting your response.

Now you have turned off Hibernation in Windows. Now go enjoy some sleep…. (sleep mode still works)

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