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As we all know Windows Operating Systems have been hammered with people attempting to hack and send virus’s as well as Spyware(malware). We have had some good defense against these evil types of individuals with Symantec and AVG and McAffee. Even Microsoft’s Live Onecare is a great Antivirus and my favorite overall for defeating the known bad virus and identity theft software that plaques every windows personal computer.

Recently Microsoft has been talking about a plan to create a free antivirus application for all Windows PC Operating Systems(XP-Windows 7). Today. I got a look at the latest offerings from Microsoft and its new Antivirus (Microsoft Security Essentials). This antivirus is quite nice and small (of course it is in Alpha(Alpha is pre-beta meaning it has a few bugs and needs to be cooked a bit more)) Over all the install was easy and much less intrusive than its competitor Symantec 360 and AVG in all its versions. Simple clean and easy to run.

In my opinion this has been a feature that Windows has needed for a very long time. I will supply a link when the Microsoft Security Essentials goes beta. I am assuming the time line will be fairly soon as the rumor is September for full release.

Until then continue to update you computers antivirus and scan for virus’s often.

*Update: Here is the link to Microsoft Security Essentials

-Mike Dopp

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