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Very good question. I usually goes more like this:

I have installed a well known anti-virus and have kept up on all updates on it.”

I just found a pop-up that says I have over 50,000 virus’s (may or may not be a exaggeration). I have heard that there are these “fake anti-virus’s” How come my Anti-Virus doesn’t kill it?”


Where to start.

The easiest way to explain it is the Police Department theory. “If the police don’t know of a threat or a crime. It (crime) happens and the police come running. However all the criminals friends are distracting the police and the real criminal doesn’t get caught.”

Typical Anti-Virus software is very much like this.

The not so simple explanation.

You click on a link that takes you to a site and exposes a known vulnerability in software (operating system, firmware, applications, etc…). We have seen this with adobe, sun, Windows (you name it), OSX (yes even the beloved apple), Sun (Java) and many more. What typically happens is a link is clicked or an active x com object is installed and immediately kills any antivirus service that is working. Then it proceeds to mass download other virus’s and malicious content thus jamming up the most fastest processors with “crap calls” (yes that is a technical term made by me.) thus slowing your machine down to a crawl. Some even more fun virus’s add their own registry settings to stop your .exe’s from executing and other important files from working. So in a way with the virus taking over the anti-virus (which is typically very resource (CPU, Memory, I/O) heavy itself doesn’t have a chance to react. Some even more fun Virus’s/Spyware  introduce root kits that are the most evil of virus’s and are harder for an anti-virus to detect.

So why have an anti-virus? Well it gives you some protection. Not 100% but good protection from “Known” Virus’s. Because anti-virus’s are not 100% why pay for a anti-virus? or any anti-spyware?

What to Do:

Don’t install more than one anti-virus thinking you will get extra protection. In most cases you will get less and they will cancel each other out.

Install a good high performance anti-virus. One that does not need to take over your computer but one that boots up fast with your computer and sits quietly in the background (no pop-ups or annoying update information.). Also that does both antispyware and antivirus clean up.


Something you will see more of in the future is “Web Safe” anti-malware type applications.


That will be installed on your online profile. These are still experimental at best. Be careful of anything that wants to give you “Web Safe” anti-anything.

Be careful and enjoy!

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