As many of you know I have a fondness for Microsoft Security Essentials. I am biased towards this antivirus due to the fact it is free and it’s the best Antivirus out there as of this article.

Today is the release of the update from 1.0 to 2.0 a few needed features and better support for your killing off of those pesky viruses.


Will this antivirus kill 100% of all viruses? NO. Unfortunately no antivirus can do such a thing. However it does it better than any other antivirus I have found.

Another great reason I prefer Microsoft Security Essentials is how well it integrates with native windows operating system utilities. Without adding extra fluff like its own firewall or proxy servers (this is true for your expensive Antivirus suites). These extras will commonly get attacked and slow down your computer. Microsoft Security Essentials does not slow down your pc unless it finds an virus or threat and it will immediately stop the process and let you know.

These features translate into not only faster boot and shutdown times but also a much smoother day to day protection.

What’s great is it now it allows Small Business users a free antivirus without cost. Now if we could just get this for the Enterprise size Business.

Never the less. Go update your copy of Microsoft Security Essentials. Did I mention it is free?

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