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Welcome to Problem Solved PC Repair… We’re still migrating to our new web host… but we’re still fixing all your computer problems night and day!

We now offer Offsite Data backup and Remote Storage for your critical data.

Problem Solved Computer Repair has secured partnerships with multiple high end computer and networking distributers.

We will soon have price lists and some demo machines for purchase.

Please if you want parts or a new computer custom built to your lifestyle. Give us a call: 801-682-3064

Not to toot our own horn too much however this is a significant honor. Allowing better support and testing from Microsoft.

logoMicrosoftPartner What this will do for our customers will let them know Microsoft is willing to partner with us. Setting Problem Solved Computer Repair among one of the elite support and system building companies in the northern Utah Region.

Thanks to all that have and continue to support Problem Solved Computer Repair

We here at Problem Solved Computer Repair would like to wish you the Happiest of Holidays as well as a Merry Christmas.

We hope you will also have a Problem-less New Year. However in case you run into a PC/MAC issue don’t be afraid to call us for help.

We would also like to thank you for your continued support.

Thank you.

   Mike Dopp

    Problem Solved Computer Technician

*All services include free Antivirus as well as Free Defrag software.

Breakdown of Services and Pricing:

Delivered to Problem Solved PC Repair:

  • Reformat and Reinstall Windows -$50.00
  • Backup and Reformat Reinstall Windows-$65.00
  • Backup, Reformat, Reinstall and Restore applications and data to pre-reformat status-$75.00

On-Site Repair-$125.00
Rush Repair (overnight)-150.00
Pickup and Delivery-100.00

If you are running Windows Vista. Please update your windows operating system to the latest patch of Service Pack 2

This will help keep you Computer(PC) running in optimal condition.

Use your windows update to download this as well as other patches you may need.

-Mike Dopp Tech

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